Below are a few examples of my work with a brief paragraph of their history and price range...

£ = Between £120 - £250
££ = Between £256 - £400
£££ = Between £401 - £600

Annual Management = £ - £££

Every client will require a range of different requirements, making set pricing complex. The guide below should give you a brief idea of our one off payment pricing structure...

Rudds Blackfriars - OUR STORY

Bar In The City
Of London

Being a long-standing family business, these clients only required a new website design and for me to take on management.

We agreed upon a user friendly, elegant and simplistic new design. The client sent the pictures and text which made the price even lower.


Watersport Equipment Hire


Lulworth Activities was one of my first websites and most demanding. Being a new startup a lot of big changes were made throughout the year and are still on going.

This client is especially happy to be working with me as i'm available to make the changes almost as fast as the weather.

Le Petit Vin - OUR STORY

Petit Tapas Restaurant

My Client had decided on the company colour and instructed a simple, easy to navigate, minimalistic design for the website. In this bespoke agreement, I created the email address, domain, logo and website.

Once construction on the restaurant was complete, and the menus finalised it was a matter of 24 hours for the website to be approved by the client and sent live by me.



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